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Feature Tree Options : 7 The Oaks

Hi Eva, here are some suggested options for you...

All of the options below will break-up the garden's horizon in that corner of the garden, whilst adding occasional colour and unifying the current aesthetics of the garden.


Cheal’s Weeping Cherry Tree


Weeping branches, double pink blossom, young leaves are bronze turn to bright green, can be pruned and maintained to suit a small garden. Flowers April-May.


This option might tie in nicely with the same tree chosen for the entrance to the Oaks.


Height: 3m

Price Guide:

10ltr - 1.5m - £50

45ltr - 2.5 - £180





Known for their stunning goblet flowers, some cultivars are among the first trees to blossom with their flowers emerging even before their leaves.

Magnolias are a great option as not only are they beautifully unique, they also offer great flexibility, coming in a huge range of sizes and colours as well as evergreen or deciduous.


Height: 2m-40m

Price Guide:

12ltr - 1.5m - £60

45ltr - 4m - £260



Monkey Puzzle Tree


Evergreen tree up to 50m tall. Bark resinous and generally branching in fives. Leaves spiky, stiff, leathery and rounded-triangle-shaped, arranged spirally around trunk and branches. 


A bit of a wild card this one. Architecturally unique, the Monkey Puzzle Tree will add a little something different to your landscape.


Height: 40m+

Price Guide:

10ltr - 2ft - £120

70ltr - 5ft - £280



Willow Leaved Pear Tree


This is an elegant small deciduous tree (looses it’s leaves in winter) with slender weeping branches, narrow greyish leaves and creamy-white flowers followed by small, brownish fruits (non-edible).

This is an aesthetically unique option with silvery green foliage in summer that cascades down from the mushroom shaped canopy. 


Height: 4m

Price Guide:

10ltr - 1.5m - £60

45ltr - 3.5 - £240


Let me know what you think 

Bloomin Gardener Kent Sheppey
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